Be too cool to care what anyone thinks of Your style. Your quirks. Your looks. Your ...

They are yours and nobody else's. Own them!

Be bold. Harness your passions. Express yourself.


We take our craft seriously.

Quality, Comfort, Detail.

It’s what we do.



Letting inspiration take us

over and creating our own

new and exciting world.



A sense of carefree confidence

rooted in passion and



Coolness is not a certain look or style, or a product that can be bought or sold but a feeling from within oneself, that anyone from any scene or standing can possess.

It is about being confident within yourself and in such a way that you inspire confidence and value within others.


You cannot represent cool. You’ve got to be cool. You’ve got to be authentic. I think after all these years, that is how I define cool. That is powerful.
— Henry Winkler aka The Fonz (2014)
Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
— Dr Seuss
TCTC’s brand philosophy is a message of self-empowerment and inner acceptance. It serves as a daily reminder not to judge myself and not to judge others. Love starts from within and emanates out. TCTC teaches me to be a better person, to accept myself and accept others. To celebrate our differences and unite over our common ground.
— Charlotte Webb, TCTC Creative Director




TCTC was established in Melbourne Australia during late 2015.

All our garments are designed and made in-house with love and care.

No factories. No sweatshops. No cut corners.